Understanding European Car Companies

Living in the United States we grow up not learning much about other countries. We buy new cars, sometimes not even wondering where they were built, unless it might be one of the expensive brand names. There are certainly European automotive companies that make exceptional cars, but these companies are not who you think they are. Rolls Royce, Mercedes, and BMW really are exceptional cars, together with Lamborghini or perhaps a Jaguar, but these are beyond the reach of a typical car buyer. But there are three companies that make great economical cars. This specific article will center on Volvo, Volkswagen and Audi.


For a land having only nine million people, it is extraordinary that it is able to sustain two automakers. This country is Sweden and contains both Volvo and Saab. Of the two, Volvo, that is owned by Ford Motor Company, has had a great effect on the automobile trade. When safety standards were low just about everywhere, it was Volvo and their own desire for higher standards that changed the industry. Illustrations of their superior safety standards embrace reinforced roofs, and front end crumple zones. They became well known for generating top quality and ultra safe vehicles. It was through their vision of extremely safe cars that other automakers around the world were forced to follow suit.


The Volkswagen Beetle is one of those legendary vehicles that just about anyone is aware of. The VW Beetle was first constructed in Germany in the 1930’s as an automobile for the people. It survived World War II to become not only one of the most loved cars, but was also the most mass-produced. Almost anyone would be able to afford a Volkswagen Beetle. No matter if you were a farmer, beatnik, college student or professor, it was possible to get a Beetle. The Beetle remained fashionable in the United States until eventually Volkswagen stopped importing them in the 1970’s however they continued to be produced in Mexico until the the first half of the 2000’s.


When Audi first introduced the all wheel drive Quattro, it was the pioneer of its type. Audi threw down the gauntlet, and let the auto world know that Quattro was now the standard to judge all luxury sedans from then on. Their Quattro technologies put them ahead of the opposition for years. Their traction and road handling was so considerably advanced in comparison to the competition, that the cars were not allowed in certain racing competitions.

That’s your essential history of three outstanding European automakers. With all they did for the automobile industry as a whole, perhaps extraordinary is the proper word.