Towing Service in Florida

Tow Truck in FL

Tow trucks and other similar tow vehicles work by utilizing a long, extended retractable tow rope with a hook at the end, that is connected underneath the back or the front of your vehicle. One end is hung up in the air and the tow vehicle is pulled onto the wheels that remain on the ground. This type of tow is used for towing motorcycles and is usually used when one wants to transport their vehicle while they are in the garage. The towing services that you use will either come fully equipped with a tow rope, or you may have to rent one from the towing company. You might find that the towing service you choose uses a telescoping rope tow rope.

Towing Company

auto accidentBefore you let any company towing services pull your vehicle around on you, make sure that they have a current license to do so in your state, as well as liability coverage, public or vehicle insurance, a fire extinguisher or other emergency equipment, a towing machine, a jack, and a plan to move your vehicle to your new location. If you are having any type of structural damage done to your vehicle, it might be wise to call the towing company before you allow them to tow your vehicle, to see if they have the proper equipment to repair or towing it to a safer location. If you have any questions about the tow service, make sure to ask before you let them pull your vehicle.

Vehicle Roadside Assistance

If your vehicle breaks a down on the road, there are roadside services that will come to your assistance and tow your vehicle to the nearest repair shop or to your home. Towing services may also replace your tires or check your engine, if you wish to keep your vehicle running properly. There are companies that specialize in flat tires and they will often come to your location to give you a free estimate on how long it will take to fix your flat tire. If your flat tire is not fixed in one of these tow truck companies within the time frame specified by their company, they will come back to your location to provide you with another estimate for the repairs.